Boost After-Sales Service Performance with Augmented Reality

Being in After-Sales is not always easy. Impatient customers expect immediate solutions, but with increasingly complex products it is getting close-to-impossible to meet these demands with high quality. This is even true in high skilled teams and with regular investments in expensive trainings. Feeling that pressure more and more companies have turned to Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, to provide their technicians with visual help from pools of well-trained remote experts.

Using AR the technicians get hands-free guidance right when they need it. It also allows for best practices to be captured and made available as standard procedures for the whole team. This helps the team to learn on the job while delivering faster and higher quality results to the customers.

Sounds too ambitious? Not with Ubimax Frontline running on a smart glass like Realwear’s HMT-1. This turnkey After-Sales AR solution is easy and fast to deploy, so you can take immediate advantage of the benefits.

Continue to read how BMW is already using it or get in touch to follow in BMW’s footsteps.

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This is a great example of how we are applying new technologies to help our technicians work more efficiently and further our commitment to offer the best possible service experience for BMW customers. By solving issues faster, BMW dealers can get customers back into their cars sooner.

Claus Eberhart, Vice President, After-sales, BMW of North America.

BMW of North America Rolls out Ubimax Frontline Across All U.S. Dealerships

Ubimax equips all 347 BMW Centers and selected MINI Dealers in the U.S. with a new Augmented Reality driven Technician Communication System from Ubimax. Ubimax Frontline has been selected and integrated by BMW to significantly reduce repair and maintenance times, increase workshop efficiency and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. All BMW Centers and selected MINI Dealers in the United States now offer a new service quality to its customers through faster access to technical information and real-time remote-support from BMW engineers.

How does it work?

Using Ubimax Frontline running on industry leading RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses, technicians in workshops can now connect with engineers and other experts at BMW directly via Ubimax’s hands-free remote support solution xAssist and jointly resolves issues in a fast and more efficient manner. The expert can project step-by-step technical bulletins and schematic drawings onto the display inside the technicians’ glasses, as well as take screen shots and enlarge images for better visibility. Having full access to the Ubimax Frontline Platform including its solutions xInspect and xAssist further allow technicians to open and view documents via voice instructions, directly document defects and problems during the repair process using speech-to-text functionality and the built-in camera for photo and video capture. At the end of repair or maintenance tasks reports are automatically created by the system and are also available as easy to use PDF documents for dealers.

How do the dealerships like it?

The shop foremen at Nick Alexander Imports in Los Angeles who is using Ubimax Frontline on smart glasses from Realwear is very positive about this new and disruptive After-Sales Service tool. Already after a short period of use he confirms the solution proving to be a valuable asset: Henry Gelb, Shop Foreman at Nick Alexander Imports in Los Angeles says: "It is very easy to connect with BMW through the glasses and it saves time. In one session, we were able to eliminate a lot of back and forth emails and phone calls. Any time a car can be fixed faster, it promotes efficiency and productivity.” Gelb further said his center is so impressed with the glasses that he is sharing their availability with customers on the center’s Facebook page. Training to use the smart glasses is easy, Gelb agreed and said anyone who has a smart phone would easily adapt to using the glasses. The shop foreman encourages everyone to embrace the technology. He concludes about the new solution: “Having a valuable tool like this in your arsenal when dealing with difficult-to-diagnose cars will be well worth it.”

In use all over the U.S.


Benefits for After-Sales Business

Exceed your customers’ expectations

  • Always deliver on your promise of “first-time-right” repairs
  • Surprise your customers with fast case resolution with no compromises on quality
  • Offer service levels (SLAs) and quality your competition can’t keep up with

Take on more business with improved efficiency

  • Significantly increase your throughput with reduced maintenance duration
  • Improve equipment and yard utilization by completing tasks at one go
  • Eliminate the need of expensive abstract specialty trainings

Attract and retain the best talent

  • On-the-job trainings with state-of-the-art technology solving meaningful real-world problems
  • Remote experts help technicians to take on difficult repairs and still deliver flawless quality
  • Experts can virtually help many colleagues while enjoying a better work-life-balance

Ubimax Frontline for After-Sales

What is it?

Ubimax Frontline for After-Sales is a wearable-computing-based solution optimized for Realwear’s HMT-1 smart glass to improve workshop efficiency, reduce repair and maintenance times, and ultimately improve customer, repairmen, and shop foreman satisfaction for After-Sales businesses.

It supports technicians and engineers with graphical step-by-step guidance allowing hands-free access to relevant documents while working on repairs or in maintenance type scenarios. The ability to jointly work with an unlimited number of remote experts via live video calls in real-time and hands-free allows for time to resolution and a new level of employee training never been possible before in the industry. Everything gets immediately faster, more secure and reliable thanks to an unique combination of smart glass technology and award-winning Ubimax Frontline software.

Key Features

Hands-free access to all digital information required for the job
Intuitive step-by-step guidance and schematic drawings on smart glasses
Live video group calls with unlimited remote experts in one session
Instant media capture (image, audio, video) on the job leveraging the smart glass camera
Hand-free notes, comments, and report capture using speech-to-text functionality
Truly hands-free with a fully voice controlled application (40+ languages)
Easy creation and fine tuning of repair and maintenance procedures using Ubimax’s award winning all graphical Frontline Creator tool
Easy to deploy standalone with powerful out-of-the-box features
Full backend-integration capability with ticketing, workforce management, and ERP systems like SAP

How do other customers use Ubimax Frontline?

Besides BMW many other enterprises already take advantage of Augmented Reality and step up their game to compete and win in delivering world class After-Sales-Service.

60% faster repairs